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We started this business a few years ago as a experimental thing. We knew that our strategy is good and worked well for us in the past but we weren’t sure that will bring real value to everyone of our clients. But it did. Our clients were getting very good results and we decided to make this a real deal.

Our motto “Traffic And Clients Instead Of Excuses” has brought us so far in this business. We learned so much and optimize our strategy, and now, we can assure our clients that they will see real results within a couple of weeks.

who we are

Meet The Team

Arliss T. E. Levine

Founder & CEO

Arliss T E Levine, CRSP, CHSC, BA, NEBOSH IOGC   is the principal CEO of Allstars Leads.
She combines her years of experience promoting her own websites for her various businesses with the tools she has developed to promote GMB websites.
  In the last few years, she  developed  the skills to navigate and create a highly ranking GMB property. 
Her SEO skills were so fine honed that she often outranked the organizations she was affiliated with.
During the recent economic downturn, she noticed that her clients were having challenges in generating the same business revenues.  It occured to her that developing systems to assist them in generating business leads would be highly benefical  to her client base.
This Eureca Moment began the Allstars Leads program. Let Allstars Leads launch into-action our key marketing strategy to address your success.

Emily Bloom

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

We started doing local marketing, google maps and my business optimization for our clients and their business went sky rocket. Now we are working with the biggest firms in our city! PS: It’s important to love what you do!

Jason Smith


Since i started working with John and Emily i’ved learned so much about local marketing and SEO in general, and that’s funny because i am the designer. But i absolutely love working with this guys!

What We Offer

We’ll Bring You Traffic And Clients Instead Of Excuses.

Google My Business Optimization

Optimizing My Business will bring you more visibility by showing your business up in Google’s Local Pack.

Local Google Ranking

Ranking on Google locally will radically change your business bringing way more clients.

Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps marketing will achieve a high placement in the local business results listings on the Google Maps.

Website Optimization

We will optimize your website to rank locally in your city or area in a matter of weeks.

About Us

We’ve taken many businesses to the next level, so what are you waiting for? Contact us and you’ll be amazed by the great offer we have for you.

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